Domestic Shipping and Europe: Unless otherwise advised we ship all collars and leashes within 3-5 business days within Europe as soon as we have received payment we start with your order. Your particular collar is hand made by us, we don't have a stock so add the few extra days for making it and the postal service. In Europe the normal time to receive the collar depends on your country, but normally you have your items within 7-10 days. We ship postal certified. You can always track your order.
Within Spain the orders will arrive faster, from the moment we ship your order you will probably have it within 1-2 business days.
In emergency situations we always do our best to help you out.

Large item orders: May ship through another carrier. It depends on the item. We try to get the customer the best price. Within Spain it can be fast but in Europe calculate a few more days.

International Shipping outside Europe: We shop the rates for shipping to get you the best available international rate to your country, the online rate is a suggested fee and can vary based on destination and size of product. We can´t know for sure the exact amount to every country. In that case we will always contact you and give you the exact amount after consulting with different carriers. This is specially important for bulky and large items. Collars and leashes are normally easy to ship to any destination.
Express shipping request are subject to product availability, we will give you an estimate of the expenses. You will have to add to the shipping rate about the double price to get your collars by UPS or similar. Let us know if you prefer Express delivery!
Shipping expenses are non-refundable.


The right of withdrawal can not be exercised in the following cases provided for in Article 103 of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users:

C) The supply of goods made according to the specifications of the consumer and user or clearly personalized.

Non Returnable Items are all our haute couture collars, or custom made collars, they are made especially for you and most of them not sold on the website, we always try to help our clients to figure out exactly what they like and need and we recommend you to measure well the dogs neck, never the previous collar since it's easy to misunderstand. We don't mind to help you choose the materials for your haute couture collar. So there will be no misunderstandings or disappointments.

All other collars are possible to change for web shoppers, contact us within 10 days, for store exchange contact directly with Barcelonadogs sales department for changes. Since the return policy is different for store changes.

We make the collar for you, so we cut the leathers in the size for your dog/cat and add the jewelry so please be careful before you are placing your order, specially about the sizes since that's what make us change most collars.

The look of the collar can also change slightly depending on the size of collar you have chosen. A large collar have many coins a smaller might have fewer etc. We are happy to help you if you are uncertain! The leathers can have smaller variations depending on the color bath.

In case of change of model of collar or change of size, please notice that all transport cost are not refundable and paid by client.

Please notice that handmade products always have smaller differences, those should be seen as an added value to the product. They are not factory made and they all come from different parts of the leather. That also make them more alive and unique the same happens with metal parts that are uniquely bathed to get the tone that we prefer, they are never exactly the same sine it's a handmade process.

Care advice

Take care of your collars, use leather soap for removing spots, and always lubricate your collar with a little saddle cream whenever you can. We recommend Passier's leather cream. That way your collar will survive and age with beauty. If the collar gets wet the you can polish carefully the metal to it's ordinary shine. The same for crystals! Use crystal or window polish for crystals on a very soft napkin.

Replacement jewelry

If your dog breaks any jewelry our other metal parts you can contact us for replacements. We will give you to a reduced cost a replacement jewelry. The cost depends on the part that is broken. In case we no longer have the same jewelry available we will replace it with another one at the clients wish. The replacement jewelry and transport is paid by the client.

For nubuck leathers you should only use a spray for suede, nubuck leather, and a soft brush to remove imperfections or spots caused by wearing the collar, never use saddle cream then the nubuck feeling will disappear.

Leather gets darker when they age. To avoid this don't wet your collar or use a leather cream to protect from water. Try to choose a collar that fit your dogs activity level and strength. Remember we have collars for all types of dogs! Some ages with beauty while others need more care just as your own clothes or accessories.