Timeless handmade accessories that don't go out of style, for pets and owners


Dear customers, we are still shipping our products. However, Australia still has its borders closed for shipping, so we are waiting for them to open. Our shippments to USA are also taking much longer than usual due to transportation restrictions.

Within Europe there have been some delays, but transport is much easier. Shipping in Spain is okay. We are sorry for any trouble this may cause and we will ensure all orders get to you as soon as possible! Thank you!

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Pet accessories, for dogs & owners. Dog COLLARS and LEASHES for all breeds, TOY to XXL GIANTS. 


Check out our popular designs for all breeds, available in various designs, sizes and colors. 

Our Barcelona Dogs charm is included on all collars in matching metal and pet collars and accessories are sent in a beautiful presentation to make for the perfect gift.

Don’t forget to see our collection for HER with handmade leather belts, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

A bit about us

Living With a Pack

Living With a Pack

Animals are a passion of mine and I have always had a pack of dogs in my life. Right now around 6 dogs. Starting to design for them has been a gre...

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For our clients in Barcelona we can arrange a showroom visit to see out products on display and try them on your pets. This will be a private visit. For more information and to book a time contact +34 608877459