Red Black Buffalo Plaid Coat


Amazing allround Sighthound coat. Extra warm high quality black faux fur on the inside and a red and black warm plaid on the outside. This coat is a perfect fall  and winter coat. Elegant and easy to adjust for a perfect fit. Easy and comfortable for walking and running, also great for sleeping. Opening to pass the leash on the bottom of the neck. 

The smallest size 18 inches/ 48 cm is good for medium sized Italian Greyhounds. 

3 sizes for large sighthounds like Greyhounds/ Galgo Español / Sloughi and similars.

We suggest:

24 inches / 61 cm inches / for smaller Greyhounds or Galgos

26 inches / 66 cm for medium sized ones.

28 inches / 71 cm for the very big chesty ones.

The dogs on the pictures are wearing a size 26 inches / 66cm

Remember that the Galgo Español is normally not as chesty as a standard Greyhound.

Many dogs prefer a coat that is not too long in the back to feel more free to do their "business".




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